Are We Intelligent Biological Robots?

A human being without a free will or freedom of choice will become a robot of The One Consciousness playing with them in the one theatre of nothingness – with no intelligent companions – no work as such – no desires – and yet manufacturing trillions of unique robots for no apparent reason! Sounds crazy? That’s the line of thought with open mind which puts forth the important eternal question of the position of a human being in the vast schema of ‘infinite universes’. Especially since unlike other creations – mankind – the evolved creature – has this ability of ‘thought’, ‘self analysis’, ‘theology’ etc., for existential questions. If no one individual exists and it is only The One Divine orchestrating all to perform various karmas from murder to moksha – what is this whole business about?

In your dreams, you are the sole creator creating several intelligent beings surrounded by you and you perform something, communicate with them, play, fight and make love with them. All in the infinite space of nothingness in dreamscape. What for? What is your motive to work out in dreams?

So here we have intelligent robots dreaming and thereby creating separate set of intelligent robots with no free will within the dreamscape? What  hints the nature is providing you when you look around to your creations in this moment? If I was to direct your dreams directly, do I lack imagination to create bloodshed, tortures, murders, rapes and all painful events in your (mankind’s) life?

You believe & you create. “make.believe” (Sony’s brand message) – it’s the other way around!  I gave you complete freedom and an open playground to be what you wish to be knowing for sure that there is nothing real in this dreamscape for you to be afraid of! All those dreams that you create while sleeping help you a lot in living as you wake up. The Observer is not only observing but living through your dreams. And each observer has this expandable consciousness within. It’s two aspects of a single  – consciousness / awareness – between which you are getting confused with dvaita/advaita. Both are true. Both are real for sure.

Freedom of choice is nature of Nature. Without that nothing can come into existence. It’s the quantum question. It’s the pre-requisite of love. Do you love a robot knowing that robot loves you? Can robot ever love you as a creator? What are the pre-requisite conditions to fall in love with anybody? For true love with a being? Get this and you get why you do have a free will as well as a free will to let The One directly direct your dreams when you become completely capable of holding the energies of The One, understand The One, loving The One and most importantly knowing at the core about the underlying Oneness of All That Is. That atonement is the highest a free man/woman achieves becoming at par with The One – becoming a True Co-Creator – after which a new story – a new dream begins – in the emptiness of vast Creative Nothingness – for a free soul – freedom from limiting beliefs and imbalanced viewpoints.

The soul – a unique creation – now lives on higher dimensions – as all that was to be integrated – dropped off – is done to be in sync with the higher energies – and higher order of freedom to create/play/live out of love for The One – and the never ending infinite playground of creative vaccum allowing endless dreams to be lived simultaneously for true expressions, evolution, experiences and existence of The Infinite One!

– The Mysterious One

EEL Workshop

(Channeled at conclusion of EEL workshop on 24.10.2010)

“Beloved, your task is over. My task begins with each belly and each eye to become  what it is destined to become – from superficial to Supreme – from eternal to beyond! The words, language can not define what levels are there waiting to be achieved. Portals within portals for you immortals. From health to heaven, from worries to wisdom, from certainty to uncertainty – to absolute certainty for the greater good of All That Is!

Signing off while switching on the path to Integral Evolution!”

– The Mysterious One

The Magnificent Mysterious Life of Shri Krishna!

Shri Krishna – a manifestation of pure divine energies with enlightened conscious mind since birth – an Avatar. Knowing and living The Truth since birth. A playful individual connected to source and thereby All That Is and beyond. When He makes a move, it’s in complete synchronization with body, mind, soul, The One, nature, humanity and All That Is – a definite move with no second thought or doubt – just like a move by all connected Divine Prakruti (Nature) – like when a tree grows or an animal instinctively kills its prey or when ocean rises and puts the land mass under water destroying all that was living on land. All these moves are of the Absolute in absolute knowing and firmness of its decision.

Krishna is Chitta chor – for Krishna’s Presence can dilute your ever annoying mind and help you focus on That divinity within which is beyond Chitta! Krishna fathoms the depth of your consciousness and picks you from there and lifts you to the heights of next level of evolution. This is the playful Yogi who destroys to build and builds to destroy. His personality is as mysterious as The Mysterious One – for the ways of an unconscious animal or man can be predicted but not of the unpredictable mysterious nature or the One in sync with All That Is.

This is how you live in each moment of Now with complete sync with the Master within. For if you put logic (lower linear logic), you are bound to be left bewildered, confused and paralyzed. You need to trust the Krishna within and let it play by being in complete sync (surrender) to its movements, decisions, play and illogical higher logic for manifesting a mysterious yet magnificent life!

The magnificent mysterious life of Krishna – the magician – chitta chor (thief) – leader – counselor – dancer – musician – artist – scientist – politician – soldier – lover – king – yogi!

(Krishna means ‘The Dark One’ – know that the light is at the mercy of Dark Nothingness!)

– The Mysterious One


‘Rosebud…’  the last word on lips of the actor (in the film ‘Citizen Kane’) – attached to a non-living object from past – a sled – due to intense emotions attached to it. Attachment to any being or thing is restrictive in expansion or evolution (opening up).  Let go all attachments while engaging interactions with all. Like a wave of an ocean – clashing with the rocks on sea shore and vanishing to emerge again and have another clash with same rocks as a new wave – with tremendous zeal to experience the encounter! Your memories of past failures is the solid chain pulling you down. Your memories are better released of all emotional charges and beliefs to set you free to soar the sky with success in all undertakings.

– The Mysterious One

So be it!

“Realization of your true power is the result of true Gnosis. Gnosis will never leave you seeking for power, fame, money, health or anything else. Gnosis is the awareness of being All That Is – being all the power, fame, joy, resources, health, diamonds, stars & universes (all matter & non-matter). Nothing – nothing at all is outside of you – literally. That is the true Gnosis. Awareness of being the awareness. Awareness of being the energy. ‘So be it’ is just an affirmation – you set energy into motion to create or destroy by your will power behind your intent that you become aware of in the infinite space of nothingness. You are free to create/destroy/play as you will ‘to be’ – becoming ‘that’ for that moment of eternity.”

– The Mysterious One

Playing The Infinite Games!

“Forever and ever. I AM the Prime Mover. I AM the Prime Stillness. In your several other births on other 3D solar system planets where different languages were spoken with different vocal systems producing unheard sounds – how will your specific mantra for moksha (of a local language with specific words) stand good on that dimension where pronouncing that mantra itself is impossible?

You are MY beloved child who tries to know ME as-it-is. Do not fall into traps of words – synonyms – truncated messages. Get the WHOLE truth – and to digest the WHOLE – you need another W(orm)HOLE – the WHite nOise of siLEnce – which is beyond the realms of vibrations by its very name. You don’t need to cook up a story to show silence being a superior entity. Silence is the no-entity and hence the mother/father of all entities that came forth when God said ‘Let there be light’ in the infinites of black nothingness.

Do not indulge in practices for the fear of loosing an opportunity to grow or for fear of wrath of an entity. Learn, understand from the highest/widest/deepest perspectives and move on after integrating it – that’s what we have been truly doing since you started walking on this long arduous path leading to the vastness of nothingness.

Infinite infinities found by the finite entities trying to figure out how infinite is the finite – while the infinite smiles at the finites, knowing all infinite infinities are like small drops of an infinitely infinite infinity it-Self!

Kundalini rising-activation is the result of all such practices in anatomy giving the infinite Supreme Consciousness a re-wired re-modeled superior machinery to perform with the finite surface consciousness in complete sync with it – in belief and in practice – to let the Infinite express itSelf in yet another unique way for other finites to wake up and play together an infinite game within the playground of vast nothingness forever and ever.

Khuda Hafiz!”

– The Mysterious One