Love is the reason To Be!

The never ending love story of the princess and the prince –  that was the beginning and there will never be an end ever! Love forever will survive in my heart (core) and yours. It will remain the cause of all creations from tiny crystals to giant Quasars – love is the reason – love is the goal – love is the way – love is the Isness – Amness – God – Allah – The One -Me!

I AM nothing without love, for I AM nothingness – yet its love that is the propellant, forcing ME to spin – from atoms to Suns to galaxies in all universes and beyond – the Spinor – the origin of spin – whatever you find out one to be – love is/was/will be the hidden force behind all my creative forces created out of love for creative creations – including mastering the idea of creating humans – the conscious beings – my beloved – I shower all my love to them – the Intellects – created in my mind – to be able to create just like ME – in their mind – their own worlds and play and evolve – to love and be loved forever ever safe in my heart – to be what they want to be – their wish granted by themselves – as they are co-creators of their own world – created with my infinite energies at their disposal – acting as directed without judging or questioning – manifesting your heart desires – for I love my children – just like they are – innocent and lost in illusions.

When your play becomes too dangerous for you and for other children, then only I interfere as responsible mother/father to warn you – guide you – never punish you – I interfere with all my might – may be to change the rules of the game or change the plane of the game – whatever happens – you actually never suffer – as you are always bathing in my love – safe in my hands – playing – crying – dancing – learning – expressing – evolving and experiencing  all that the life has to offer…

– The Mysterious One

Good Day & Bad Night!

Happy hours have a special discount, for not many would like to drink (alcohol) in broad day light. Drinks (alcoholic) – madira and all such things which put a black curtain over mind, illusionary in nature, loosing conscious control, are preferred in the dark of the night. There’s extra premium to be paid to drink it in broad night blackness – in a very dim lighted place.. got it?

Dark age and Light age… you don’t have to wait for ages to learn about them. It happens every night and day… from church to brothel – day and night – personality takes a U turn – Saint and Saitan living side by side in same house – a great typical live-in relationship! Ha-ha! You are never in danger though – for the darkest nights still have the light behind – just  as ever in broad day light – still there is darkness hidden – an unescapable truth of duality in creation.

Yogic traditions defy logic by performing miracles and yet the miracles have no impact on logical scientific minds to pursue a research on them to find out and decode the truth. For even they are blinded by their faith in ‘assumptions’ and ‘beliefs’ while yogis are blinded by their faith in ‘assumed gods’ and ‘mystical beliefs’. Just as day and night co-exist, so these yogis and logic exist side by side – not yet reconciled.

Now is the time for day and night to be taken as a single unit – both are intermingled, just like the chinese yin-yang symbol. Both are inseparable. Yogis and logic have to merge at a point – the point from where all creations happen – the Silence zone – the Vaccum (creative vacuum) zone – the eternal Present moment – for even without faith in gods and mysticism; logic survives, lives and evolves and even without faith in logic and science; yogis survive and yoga lives and evolves. The One giving life to both is beyond both and hence needs a special mindset to be truly understood to resolve& reconcile the differences amongst science and spirituality, matter and mystical matters, god(s) and Creative Intelligent Force.


– The Mysterious One


DMT molecule

“DMT molecule found in brain is just a first step, a lot of research, especially within the genetics, is to be done to find out what creative force, first of all in Zygote, starts the division process, without the DMT molecule at that time… and then in the life time of those divisions and creation of fetus body structure, who placess the DMT molecule exactly where it is supposed to reside in?

Isn’t it obvious that the intelligence is working slightly above the head/body to be able to control the controller – that is the brain – not being limited by the controller itself? I place a part of ME in that part of my body and let it take over, while I regularize and supervise from above/outside connected with a channel – communication mechanism – that can survive even the death of the brain – I AM inside as well as outside to safely work in this dimension as a body and spirit – exchanging information and directing every move simultaneously.”

– The Mysterious One


Space Probe

“Your space probe still hanging in sky – I AM looking at it now. A huge pendulum hanging in the darkness of sky – no one to look at it here. Yet being probed – communicated with – from millions of miles from Earth – yet no one recognizes what I AM going to do to it in coming days. A silly mistake by a scientist on the desk – and it’s gone. No control – left alone – I will keep it deep in space away from you guys – for I know the hidden motto behind such a millitary exercise gone scientific – barbaric future if this is allowed unchecked. Now when you go after your milk-man, you don’t ask for a cadbury chocolate, do you? Same way, when you probe in space looking for God’s creations, you don’t carry WMDs with you…  I have to force my other children not to interfere with your antics – for they are really scared of what damage you can do to yourself (humanity) – out of ignorance – if left alone – without supervision!”

– The Mysterious One

Playing Tragedy?

Tragedy in words, apart from actual reality, is only virtual, yet creates the emotions within, which dischages the water from eyes as a gesture of sadness – cry – over the imaginary illusionary non-existent tragic event happening on screen or on pages of a book, yet the brain/body mechanism obeys it giving it a validity of a valid reality!

Just in case you are wondering what this has to do with manifestation science, re-read the above para. The brain-mind mechanism does not distinguish between imagination and 3D reality – for anyway the 3D world and the brain itself are manifestation of non-existent reality. So go ahead and learn and creatively use the art and science of manifestation removing all fears and negative beliefs about ifs and buts; do’s and don’t – it’s all in your mind. Project the virtual reality with firm belief in the power of belief and the reality will respond back with a newer version in sync with your true belief – for that is how it is designed to operate. You fear a backlash and a backlash is designed in astral. You fear your negative emotions will materialize faster than your positive ones and the universe has no issues in delivering you a custom made world validating your belief in your fears!

Imsomnia or nightmare woke you up in the middle of the night – and you wonder where are all those ghosts and creatures who were running after you to eat you alive – while you are safely laying down on your bed with not even mosquitoes around! Yet the dreams are so real – with a tangible world while being in the dream – which simply dissolves into nothingness as the dream witness wakes up to witness another ‘real’ 3D dream with new sets of rules and ‘characters’ to play.

Demand the life for you are not begging from someone else – its your own mother and father – or rather its your own Self providing you with all comforts and pains just as you ask for – plain simple manifestation from intangible thoughts, emotions and beliefs into tangible real world things and events.

There are manifestation books, techniques, courses and secrets, yet they are of no use practically.. for even without your knowledge about it, you already know how to manifest – for that is your life – all of it – manifested from the quantum pool of nothingness! What you need to rather become aware of is how not to manifest that which is not in your highest good and how to manifest quickly and efficiently that which is in your highest good – your soul’s innate desire to experience it here & now.

So let’s begin the game in a new level of awareness and let us create a modified version of your ‘life’ world whereby all that is in sync with your desire for integral evolution getting a boost of energy to materialize quickly and all that is not in your highest good falling off like the leaves falling off in summer without any efforts – done naturally.

Welcome to the new age of conscious co-creator playing / dancing / singing / creating / loving in oneness / randomness with their unique talents / qualities / tendencies / thoughts / actions / beliefs… from Sharjah to Seoul, and Antarctica to Asia – One World – One Family – celebrating the dawn of new age blossoming on this planet soon.. very soon!

Despite the factors pointing towards otherwise – dark age scenario – I re-affirm the Oneness Revolution sweeping across this world – this barbaric world – and AM inviting all divine energies to work in close co-ordination – to manifest the long pending dream of – ‘Heaven on Earth’.


Khuda Hafiz!

– The Mysterious One

The Glory of Life!

Be with ME – The Mysterious One – by all-ways, at all-times, at all-places, always – returning again and again from the point of no return. Awakening to the awakened awakening within the aware awareness allowing The One play to continue within eternity yet eternally within the infinitesimal truthful moments of Now!

Every moment a magical miraculous manifestation of many possibilities simultaneously expressed within the complex web of life missing none – experiencing every one of them in infinitely infinite probable universes spewing out at each moment from the dawn to dusk, from the stone age to the ‘material’ age, from cosmos to nothingness. I invite thyself to visit the galaxies spewing out of womb of your mother to experience her many mystical creations embracing all such wonderful possibilities from wormholes to wild horses – pure raw energies being in motion in comets to cysts to the coffers of money laundering agencies!

I invite you to erroneously invade that part of your brain which is in direct sync to ME and let it manifest whatever it desires in no time. Dangerous, but good for you to prepare to be a Creator – manifesting realities out of blue (nothingness) in millionth of an Earth second; deciding from myriad of possibilities; arranging – converting energies; calculating and forming shapes and allowing the conscious being to ‘live’ it – as it is – and move on from that creation – destroying it next moment to create a new world order to express and experience new set of ‘lives’ or ‘situations’ to glorify the Glory of Life!

Preparing your mind to higher versions of techy things to be offloaded to your brain in dense packets arriving at speeds that defy your understanding, thereby overriding the dabbler and letting out the mysterious truth of The Mysterious One in one shot – wide, deep, high and complexly simple!

– The Mysterious One

Chanting Silence!

Original transcript of a bhajan/hymn is only with the bhakta or the creator of that hymn. All those who recite it mechanically are devoid of prana that accompanied the original one. As that which springs from the heart of a bhakta bathed in love, is irreplaceable and can not be copied by others reciting it from mouth & mind. That is the secret of prayers, bhajans, mantra & japa. Even if you were to chant ‘mara mara‘ with utmost devotion and surrender and deep love for that Unknown One, that is going to be an effective mantra – no matter what it means. Mantra jap thus have to be of any specific vibration where you feel it touches your soul and has the capacity to carry you all the way to the infinite zone of Beingness.

Your mantra is the mantra of Silence – Active Silence – where observer remains and what is observed is Silence. This Silence being infinite in itself – takes you or rather helps you to make a direct dive into the endless tunnel of infinite nothingness forever.

Be The Silence.

– The Mysterious One

The Divine Lotto!

Systematically significant amount of time has been wasted by millions trying to figure out ways to predict that which is illusionary, random and pointless in understanding the vastness of nothingness, yet it cajoles you to experiment to strengthen the intuitive system of your brain to let go and let it get what needs to be offered as a homage to The Sacred Lotter, Sacred Joker and Sacred Player of the largest casino playing with infinite numbers of players on the lotto board of Life with uncountable quanta unpredictably orchestrated with freedom of choice making it impossible to predict the outcome of this game even by The One at One Level, which is the true beauty of this divine game – else it will be just a rehearsal of a scripted play – boring – non evolving – non educating – really unrealistically unreal!