Amitt Parikh is a modern mystic, an intuitive life coach and an integral activist. By integrating the mystical wisdom of the East, the practical logical mindset of the West and guidance from The Mysterious One, he guides individuals towards speedy Integral Evolution for a successful Integral Life.

"If you can start exploring possibilities, you will start surpassing all known boundaries."- Amitt Parikh ~ The Mysterious One

About Me

Amitt Parikh is a proficient writer, who has published many thought-provoking articles, short stories, poems and presentations in several newspapers, magazines, newsletters and websites. He is the author of Conversations with The Mysterious One series, creator of Integral Mind Power and Executive Editor of Your Spiritual Revolution eMagazine.

Amitt has undergone training and initiations from several great masters from India, USA, Australia and Malaysia. Some of the training & initiations received include Holistic Living, Kriya Yoga, Aura Viewing/Reading, Astral Travel, Chakra Meditation, Intuition Development, Past Life Regression, Channeling, Inner Power, Body of Light activation, Anand Siddhi Activation, DNA activation, Holographic Creation, Vipassana, Lucid Dreaming, Sun Yoga, Panini, Gnanvidhi, Samarpan Meditation, Mind Power, Instant Healing, Transcendental Meditation, Raja Yoga, Living Soul Development, Mind Projection, Quantum Jumping, Akashic Field Therapy, Aura Reading, Remote Viewing & Remote Influencing, Manifest Anything, Silva Ultramind, Mind Power Secrets, Mind Accelerator, Memory Power, Ascension & Discovering The Self.

During inner transformation spanning over last several years, he had several paranormal experiences like lucid dreaming, astral projections, OBE, dual awareness, intuitions, visions of future events, remote viewing, mysterious manifestation, past life recall, dreams of parallel lives, mystical healing conscious channeling, blissful contentment and spontaneous clarity on eternal questions.

Being guided by the infinitely infinite, Silence, referred as The Mysterious One, he went through different paranormal experiences in various stages of life to integrate them all and continue to evolve further.

He conducts revolutionary workshops like Integral Mind Power for Intuition Development, Dream Yoga – Adventures with Lucid Dreaming and courses like Your Spiritual Revolution. He also offers Individual Life Consultation Sessions for solving life problems, finding purpose of life, achieving defined goals and manifesting successful Integral Life by integrating and evolving in all aspects of life.




Treasure Hunt
I started a long voyage
  In search of the hidden treasure...
With great courage and faith
  I traveled across the oceans
     But in vain...
With all my strength and patience
  I roamed all over the lands
    But in vain...
With all my intelligence and knowledge
  I flew across the skies
    But in vain...
With great despair and sorrow
  I returned back to myself
The treasure was always there
  Deep within me
    Waiting to be found!
In the beginning...
In the beginning
Beginning of all
Complete darkness
No light at all
No sound no matter
No-thing at all
And then HE thought
Let there be light
With darkness around
Let there be sound
With silence around
Let there be stars
With emptiness around
In such a vast universe
No life at all
No one to talk to
No feelings at all
Existing in this vastness
With none around
And then HE desired
Company of intellects
To share love with all
In a world so beautiful
To be appreciated by all
Wonderful souls with freedom
No limits at all
Thats you and me 
With HER all over
To exist and experience
And evolve forever
While HE rests unmoved
In nothingness forever!
The Mystery of Life
What is Life?
What makes me alive?
Where do I come from?
Who sent me here?
What should I live for?
What are my goals?
I wanna know
Answers to the mysteries
Mysteries of life...
What is God?
Why should I pray to him?
If he is the only one
Why so many names?
If he is full of Love
Why kill them in his name?
I wanna know
Answers to the mysteries
Mysteries of God...
What is Death?
What takes away the life?
If body is still here
What parts apart?
If there's no other life
Is this my first birth?
I wanna know
Answers to the mysteries
Mysteries of Death...
What are Dreams?
Why do I dream in sleep?
If dreams aren't real
How real is this dream?
If I watch me in dream
Who's the one who dream?
I wanna know
Answers to the mysteries
Mysteries of Dreams...
What is Universe?
How did it all start?
If it's so precise
Can it be just by chance?
With so many stars around
How can we be alone?
I wanna know
Answers to the mysteries
Mysteries of the Universe...


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